Customer service will make or break your business. Regardless of what industry you’re in, how good your products are, your qualifications or price, if you don’t provide great customer service you will eventually fail. Some companies have got this concept and work extremely hard to provide a customer with an experience whilst many others are still acting in pure arrogance.

Here’s a simple exercise. Think back of how many bad experiences you can remember and write them down. Now write down all the good experiences. Notice how you remember nearly ten times the bad versus the good. It’s because the bad customer experiences cause a stronger emotional reaction. Just imagine how much business you loose if your organization was on the bad list.

Providing brilliant customer service is not difficult but it does take conscious thought. Consider the following tips when designing your customer experience.

  • Build rapport by determining your customers needs, asking questions is the easiest way.
  • Have high energy, enthusiasm and passion about your products and customers.
  • Offer solutions to the customer problem or needs rather than trying to sell them a product.
  • Provide clarity around features, payment and applications of your product or service. Transparency is the key.
  • Be honest.
  • Your attitude is everything. A bad attitude will kill your business.
  • Follow through on your promises and over deliver.
  • Follow up after a sale is made to check the customer is satisfied.
  • Keep in contact to create loyalty and potentially more sales. Email marketing and the occasional phone call are best.

Design your sales process. Write down every aspect of the initial greet to the final follow up. If you map it out you are less likely to forget key elements. It’s the little things that get missed or overlooked that often have the biggest impact.

Look around and find inspiration of great customer service from other businesses. Take Hugo Boss for example. If you’ve ever bought clothes from their stores you’ll know what I mean. Despite having some of the highest prices around, the service is phenomenal and price becomes irrelevant. Every thing and every one look amazing and are very well trained.

Another great example of customer experiences and service are Apple. When you buy your first Mac at a store the whole store claps as you walk out. Not to mention their incredible help centre (even if its based in India).

Companies are remember for great customer service. They also are more profitable. The more word of mouth marketing you generate and the more long term customers you create the less you have to spend to make that top line grow.