In business we tend to assume many things. We assume that staff member remember to order that product, we assume that our customers like our service, we assume the figures are correct, we assume that debtor will pay on time and so on. Made in good faith these assumptions that we make every day are reflections of our good nature. The positive outlook believing the best will happen. Which by the way is the only way to run a business, you have to have trust and faith in people however, and it’s a big however, without appropriate systems in place behind these assumptions you’re simply operating on hope.

I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t make any more assumptions, I’m saying we need to have systems in place for any and all assumptions we make. Consider it your back up plan should your assumption be wrong. It may be as simple as a checklist a staff member follows when ordering stock or a follow up process for payment from a debtor.

Ever business owner, director or manager has a certain level of assumptions they’re willing to give before they become jaded and their mindset of trust and faith becomes outward negative and pessimistic. This can take as little as a few months for some people, others grind away for years however the trick to longevity and maintaining your faith in human kind to do the right thing is appropriate systems.

Design systems around every aspect of your business not matter how big or small to ensure you can assume safely. It makes trusting people allot easier when you know they can’t fail.