Isn’t it strange how as humans we require a certain date to come round each year to decide on drastic action, enter the New Years Resolution (NYR). However in reality the NYR very rarely succeeds. The reason why is simple. The desired outcome is too large to achieve in one motion.

So why wait until the beginning of each year to make decisions around life, money and health. Instead, break those actions up month by month into smaller more manageably outcomes.

For example, if your NYR was to 2 X your sales this calendar year, then aim to increase sales by 20% per month for ten months of the year with a two month buffer; A much more attainable goal than 200% mentally and practically however with the net affect being the same.

If your NYR was reduce your working involvement in your business to 25 hours per week instead of the 90 hours you currently do then you’ll need to gradually reduce your input over a few months rather than all at once.

I recommend you take up the New Month Resolution where by each new month you make one important decision or set one important goal. Just image how much you could accomplish in your business and life with this approach.