Understand this; when the value of your transaction or sale is significant, ie. it requires bank financing, your purchasers will take longer to make a decision. Patience becomes your virtue. Your ability to stay cool, focused and helpful rather than desperate, pushy and irrational will be the difference between making a sale and not.

Many of our businesses require doing big deals. This could be signing up a new customer worth $1million dollars in revenue a year to your company or selling a house, a piece of machinery, a construction contract and so on. Once an sale becomes worth more than say a few hundred thousand dollars, a buyers decision making process naturally requires more in depth thought or analysis.

Regardless of whether you’re the sales person directly involved in the deal or the business behind it, it’s vital to have an understanding of what the buyer is going through and the patience required to complete such a deal.

I’m sure everyone has had a ‘Pushy Salesperson’ moment. It could have been buying a car or house for example, sometimes even a new computer, that is if you still visit a store here in Australia. Remember how repulsive that salesperson becomes the minute that over step the barrier from being helpful to pushy. Remember how instinctively you decide not to buy from that person or company. And for all those online businesses, one too many emails or phone calls can also have this effect.

See in sales and business for that matter, you’re ability to stay cool and helpful throughout the entire sales process by having patience and understanding, will ensure longevity with that buyer. That buyer will always remember you as the salesperson or business who really cared and didn’t get pushy. Patience becomes your virtue.

On a lasting note. This isn’t to say you can’t speed up someone’s decision making. See a buyer makes a decision on two levels. Emotional and logical. Assuming you can build compelling logical and emotional cases around why they should buy that product or service, the buyers ability to make a decision becomes allot easier as they don’t have to think as much. Provide genuine solutions to their problem and you’ll be amazed how easy selling becomes.