One of the secrets to success in business is your ability to bring in good people and have them work toward a common goal yet so many business owners have a reluctance to employ.

It’s often at a point in their business growth path where they know they need to put someone new on to help ease the workload or even more so continue growing but just won’t due to a lack of trust. Yes that’s right, it’s not resources or money or time it always comes down to trust.

If you really need more people in your business to make more money and you won’t employ it’s because you don’t have trust or faith in staff and this isn’t because everyone is out to get you, it’s purely your own restrictive mindset. It could have be one bad experience or many but this untrusting attitude is exactly what seems to bring it on.

I share an experience you may have all had a similar one to. I’m talking to a individual about perusing an opportunity and they’re acting very paranoid, always coming up with the most bizarre potential outcomes. Not even worse case scenarios, completely left field malignant concoctions. I ask the person why such negative feelings, they response was this. “Brendan, I’ve been screwed over that many times I just can’t afford for it to happen again. Every person I employ or trust takes advantage of me, they’re all scum as far as I’m concerned and I could do without it”. It turns out they’d had several bad experience in business with staff in the past and this is what was fuelling the behaviour. My response to the person was this. “If you’ve been in the same situation with several different staff and the only common denominator is you, then maybe it isn’t the employees that are to blame for the problems.”

The moral of the story was that is was the attitude of the owner who created an environment and culture whereby it was highly like bad things would happen. A paranoid untrusting workplace will simply create more problems.

Staff are an inevitable part of business. The key is getting good people and giving them responsibility and an environment to flourish. It’s better you train them and they leave than not train them and they staff. Keep in mind a reluctance to employ will restrict your growth. Let go of previous stigmatisms about employees and start employing again.