In business there’s always problems, issues, dilemmas, opportunities and more so who you do you call to bounce things off? Sure you can call your accountant for accounting based issues or solicitor for legal related queries but what if you needs someone’s opinion.

Being able to call a close friend, mentor or even fellow business owner to bounce ideas or problems off is vital in small business. Without a tight trustworthy network of good people around you, business becomes a very lonely place.

So who are the right people? Well simple, anyone who a) you trust b) is more successful than you c) more experienced than you and d) not a family member or partner. You need someone who can be opinionated objectively and that isn’t financially or legally involved in your business. These people will provide the most genuine advice.

How to find these people. Simple, network with other business owners, entrepreneurs, advisors. Anyone you find along the way that you develop a trusting relationship with and that you value. Jim Rohen once said you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. This being the case choose these people wisely. Make sure you’re in a positive environment surrounded by the right people. If not, get up and move.