Remember that movie with Mel Gibson in it called ‘What women want’ it was based around Mel’s character being able to hear womens’ thoughts. Just imagine if you could do that with buyers. Unfortunately, or at least for now, the only way we can find out what buyers want or are thinking is if we ask them.

Strange concept this asking of questions isn’t it. You ask a question and generally get a response relevant to how much the buyer trusts you. Got great repour, buyer is completely honest. Got no trust at all, buyer lies point blank to you.

Why is it important to know what buyers want. Simple, if you’re selling you’re business for example you need to ensure your business appeals to what buyers actually are looking for. In this case buyers are looking for clean cut, credible and consistent financials, clearly illustrated systems, documented lease and HR agreements etc etc.

Take this concept of what buyers want to your own business. Regardless of whether you’re selling coffee or furniture, are you providing what customers have actually said they want or are you assuming. Worse yet are you trying to sell what you think they should buy.

Because we don’t have a sixth sense like Mel Gibson we need to ask questions of our target market. It’s one thing to predict who your customers are but it’s another to ask them what they want. To have real success in business it’s not hard. Just find a target market, ask them what they want and give it to them.